September 24, 2020

Evan Funke opens a Rome-inspired pizzeria in Hollywood this weekend

The entirely outdoor residency is a collaboration between Funke and Relevant Hospitality, the group behind Dream Hollywood and neighboring restaurant TAO, and the idea isn’t simply to provide a stage for or awareness of Roman-style cooking. Its aim is also to provide more stability for restaurant workers during a tumultuous and unprecedented era in the industry, as well as give back: Every month, a portion of Fingers Crossed’s profits will get donated to a new nonprofit such as the Independent Restaurant Coalition or Black Lives Matter.

“We can’t travel, and I miss my friends in Rome so Fingers Crossed is a way to stay connected and pay homage to the extraordinary traditional cooking of The Eternal City,” Funke says in a news release. “This partnership with Relevant has presented an important opportunity and responsibility to support our hospitality community in Los Angeles.”

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